• Hyundai Motor Company

  • Quick background on how Hyundai was created:

    Hyundai was first founded in the year of 1947, where a South Korean man named Chung Ju-Yung began a minature company called Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company. The main goal of Chung Ju-Yung was to aid South Korea in modernizing and industrilizing the country after the sorrowful World War 2. The Korean War ended up being a major barricade to Chung Ju-Yung's goal, so Hyundai was officially able to begin it's brand in 1968. Chung Ju-Yung seeked help from many British professionals, such as George Turnbull, who worked with Chung to create vehicles including the Pony in 1976. Hyundai continued to grow popular in the 1980's as their cars were officially sold in the U.S. by 1986.

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