• Samsung Electronics

  • Samsung was founded in March 1, 1938 in Seoul, South Korea by a man named Lee Byung-Chull. In the time of 1938, a lot of Koreans traveled to different countries to earn money and migrated back to Korea in order to support the independence from Japan. Samsung was initially a grocery trading store, which traded goods such as noodles to transport to Koreans outside of Korea. After Korea gained independence, Lee Byung-Chull also created mills in Korea so that the country could devleop back into its original position before the war. Samsung then began to produce textile products in 19070s and it was 1969 when Samsung created black-and-white televisions. Samsung had the best LCD screens and due to the rise of galaxy smartphones in the 2000's, Samsung and Apple became the two highly competitive companies to build electronic devices.

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